Film, March 2015

Run All Night

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra / Music by Tom Holkenborg

“I thought it was much more interesting to look at this movie from an emotional point of view instead of from an action point of view.”

Longtime hit man Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson), best friend of mob boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris), has seen better days. He's haunted both by the sins of his past and a police detective who's been breathing down his neck for 30 years, and the only comfort Jimmy has is whiskey. However, when his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman) becomes a mob target, Jimmy figures that the only way to atone for his past mistakes is to make sure that his son doesn't wind up at the wrong end of a gun.


Run All Night


Tom Holkenborg


Roy Lee

Michael Tadross

Brooklyn Weaver


Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date

March 13th, 2015

The music behind Run All NightThe music behind Run All Night
Watertower Music
Release date
March 13, 2015

    1. Prologue (From “Run All Night”) (1:49)
    2. Prologue (From “Run All Night”) (0:28)
    3. Albanians at Xmas (1:41)
    4. I See Those Faces In My Dreams (3:05)
    5. Witness (2:14)
    6. My Michael (5:10)
    7. I Just Killed Your Boy (4:00)
    8. Cop Chase (5:09)
    9. The Station (3:37)
    10. Just One Night (3:40)
    11. A Little Extra Sugar (5:07)
    12. I’ll Come After Your Son (2:57)
    13. The Projects (11:36)
    14. A Nightmare That Won’t Pass (3:06)
    15. The Train Tracks (4:23)
    16. Shawn (1:28)
    17. The Cabin (10:23)
    18. Epilogue (From “Run All Night”) (1:14)
    19. Tom’s Run All Night Sketchbook (Bonus Track) (52:43)